The oil patch may be slow, but legendary to its time it's enormous, a big part of our history and still here, deserving notice.
The " Granddaddy " of the oil patch, the "Standard Derrick".
We have captured these giant's, handcrafted in steel, finished in Gold, Nickel, Chrome, Mirror Black, or Matt Crude Black
Standing 14", 20", 26", & 32" tall.

        The Crude Collection

Oil Field Gifts & Awards

Standard Derrick 14", $225.00........... 20"- $275.00.........26"- $325.00..........32" - $375.00

Derricks are mounted on a Black or Rose Wood piano finish base

Available finishes Gold, chrome, flat black ,or wet black

Custom bases are available at additional cost

Call for pricing

Standard Derrick Lamps - 14"- $275.00.......20" - $325.00..........26" - $375.00.........32" - $425.00

**Measurements are for the derricks and do not include the height of light bulb and shade**

Name Plates w/ Company logo in full color and information.....$25.00

Lamp Shades may vary in size and color depending on availability.

Modern Jack Knife Derrick, hand made all steel construction

Powder coat finish, red, white, blue or gold and copper finish

mounted on piano rose wood base ,LED light system

Jackknife Derrick , no lights..... 32" tall. $1,500.00

Jack Knife Derrick w/ lights...$1,750.00